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ASEAN Paper Bangkok 2025 Connects the Industry to a Sustainable Future

ASEAN Paper Bangkok 2025 returns, not merely as an exhibition but as a catalyst propelling us toward a greener future. Dedicated to the pulp, paper, tissue, and packaging industries, this premier international event unfolds under the theme "Sustainable Paper Production Technology & Solutions for Future Business" It serves as a beacon for professionals eager to explore fresh business opportunities, discover new markets, and network with professionals. In recent years, the paper industry has experienced a surge driven by demands in e-commerce, healthcare, and manufacturing. However, the future introduces a paradigm shift: sustainability takes center stage. Consumers increasingly seek eco-friendly options, compelling the industry to adapt and thrive. Amidst this evolving landscape, ASEAN Paper Bangkok 2025 stands as a responsive force, showcasing cutting-edge solutions that not only reduce energy and water consumption but also minimize waste, aligning with the evolving demands of our times.

The event is a convergence point for a diverse range of products, including jumbo paper rolls, various paper and tissue finished products, packaging, printing, carton and board, as well as machinery and equipment for paper production, conversion, and wastepaper recycling. Drawing together manufacturers, buyers, sellers, traders, and industry professionals globally, it offers a unique platform to witness the latest developments, technologies, and products from leading companies in the paper industry.

Join us at ASEAN Paper Bangkok 2025 to expand your business network, explore cutting-edge innovations, and engage in business negotiations with manufacturers and suppliers across a spectrum of products and services.
Together, let's shape a sustainable and innovative future for the paper industrv.


Explore a key highlight at ASEAN Paper Bangkok 2025 "Corrugated and Paper Recycling & Packaging" addressing the escalating global demand for corrugated cardboard. This feature delves into the dynamic corrugated board market, emphasizing sustainability, recyclability, and inventive solutions. Witness innovative corrugated products, recycling technologies, and printing advancements that enhance sustainability without compromising efficiency. Immerse yourself in the forefront of industry trends and cutting-edge technologies, shaping the future of corrugated and paper recycling & packaging at ASEAN Paper Bangkok 2025.

Here are some of the exhibitors who will be joining our show:

and many more ...

The advanced, innovative technology and solution in paper, pulp, packaging and tissue industries at the show

Co-located with

The 32th International Processing and Packaging Exhibition for Asia

ProPak Asia is where processing and packaging excellence meets supply chain and value chain demands. Bringing together stakeholders, MNC, SME, and MSME to the event in pursuit for cutting-edge, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions for the food & beverage, agriculture, personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and FMCG industries.

The event serves as a unique platform for a dynamic and diverse community of industry c-suite, business owners, innovators, professionals, and experts to converge for full spectrum of interaction on materials & machine technology sourcing, product & financial consultancy, emerging market trends insights, and forge valuable new partnerships.

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